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5 taboo-tackling accounts to follow to break the stigma around periods

Even though we’re in 2021, there is still stigma surrounding menstruation and not everyone understands the basics of what’s happening inside your body during each stage of your cycle. Let’s normalise talking about periods, sharing menstruation experiences and celebrating our wonderful bodies – starting with double tapping on these taboo-tackling accounts.


Sick of seeing paint or dye or anything other than the actual thing represent menstruation? This Berlin-based art project started breaking the stigma by sharing photographs of period blood. Kinda shocking to see, isn’t it? That just proves the point of the project. There’s nothing to feel strange about. This is what happens to half the population every month, let’s stop hiding that.


Ever get tired of just how positive Instagram accounts are all the time? Especially when it comes to raising awareness about health needs and body confidence. This account is empowering in a different way – it’s a gender neutral space designed to get real and honest about all things menstrual and sexual health. 

Pink Bits

Cheer up your Insta feed with these illustrations celebrating ‘the bits and shapes we're told to hide’. Created by an Aussie artist, get inspired with this period-positive, body-positive account!


Clue is a period tracking app (for more on that, check out our blog on period trackers here), but it’s also here to teach you more about your body with informative articles on menstrual and reproductive health. If you’re looking for a way to be across the latest scientific research, Clue shares bite size snippets on Insta to make it super easy to understand.

Bloody Good Period

Periods are a very natural part of life and Bloody Good Period is here to remind you of that right in your Insta feed whenever you need it. There’s nothing to be ashamed about, so double tap on those posts right along with your friend’s brunch posts and use it as an opportunity to open up the conversation with friends by sharing posts to your Stories or via DM.

While we’re breaking period taboos, let’s chat about your period care. 

Did you know that the average person will spend roughly $1,080 on disposable pads over five years? (yes, seriously). And if saving money isn’t enough of a reason to make you consider switching to reusable pads, here are 3 more:

Your health

Many pad and tampon companies treat their cloth pads with chemicals or dyes which can cause irritation or worse, damage your health in the long term. Even natural dyes made from soy ink can still contain irritable ingredients.

Undoubtedly, our number one concern is you. We take special care so you don’t have to. hannahpads are made from 100% certified organic cotton and feature a natural beige colour for the top sheet and internal layers, protecting your body long after use.

The environment

Each year, countless single-use pads and tampons end up in landfill and waterways, taking up to 800 years to break down.

We want our hannahpads to be one of the most natural, environmentally-friendly products on the market, which is why we use certified organic cotton. Our certified organic cotton is toxic-free (no dioxin, no formaldehyde), fragrance-free, unbleached and undyed to retain the purest form of cotton.

The best part? hannahpads only take up to 12 months to biodegrade and compost – win, win!

Your body

With everything that’s going on in the world, now more than ever it’s important to listen into your body and reconnect with your flow. The first step to tuning in is by charting the signs and symptoms of your menstrual cycle through a period tracking app.

By paying attention to your body’s cues, you’ll be able to foster a deeper awareness of how it functions and learn what’s normal (and what’s not). 

It’s very easy to get caught up in the daily grind and feel disconnected from the natural environment. By reconnecting with your flow, you’ll also be able to tap into a deeper understanding of yourself, practice more self-care and find harmony in day-to-day living.

March 8 marks 2021’s International Women’s Day. This year’s theme #ChooseToChallenge is about celebrating powerful women and taking a stand against gender bias and stereotypes present globally.

We invite you to join us in challenging the pre-written gender narrative on women and womanhood. Embrace a new mindset; be kind to yourself and your body, you only get one.

Healthy you, happy planet. Start your journey now with a tester pad.