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A guide to figure out how many cloth pads you'll need

How Many Pads Do I Need?

We know you're curious about this too and we wish the answer was simple, but the truth is that we all have different flows and different needs. Many even use hannahpad in combination with other products, such as a menstrual cup or period undies.  

What we do know is that it’s important to start small and slowly build on your collection over time. This is a great way to make the full switch and only have what you need– the essentials.

We’ve asked 4 hannah⋮AU/NZ staff to share how many pads they own and use throughout the duration of their cycle. Not surprisingly, the team ranges from light to heavy flow and varying cycle lengths. Hopefully this gives you an idea of how many pads you may need for your cycle.

KATIE - Light Flow, Flow Length: 3 days/ 3 nights

Period product of choice: hannahpads

Total number of pads in collection: 9

1st Day: 1 Pantyliner, 1 Small

1st Night:1 Large

2nd Day: 2 Medium

2nd Night: 1 Ultra-overnight

3rd Day: 2 Small

3rd Night: 1 Long Liner

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TAMMY - Light to Moderate Flow, Flow Length: 5 days/ 5 nights

Period product of choice: hannahpads

Total number of pads in collection: 20

1st Day:  3 Pantyliner (Spotting Day #1)

1st Night: 1 Long Liner

2nd Day:  3 Medium (Heaviest Day)

2nd Night:  1 Long Liner

3rd Day: 2 Small + 1 Long Liner (Light Day#1)

3rd Night: 1 Long Liner

4th Day: 3 Small (Light Day#2)

4th Night: 1 Small

5th Day: 3 Panty Liner  (Spotting Day #2)

5th Night: 1 Pantyliner

*I love to wear my Long Liners when doing yoga & riding my bike, basically anything active!

Tammy's secret to lifting tough stains– soak them overnight.

Tammy's beautiful pad collection getting some love from the sun.

THEA - Moderate Flow, Flow Length: 4 days/ 5 nights

Period product of choice: hannahpads

Total number of pads in collection: 15

1st Day: 2 Medium

1st Night: 1 Large - Always wearing my tight boyleg undies to make sure my pad stays in place!

2nd Day: 3 Medium (heavier on second day) I turn my medium pad around so the long back faces the front. As I am a front bleeder, this offers more front coverage.

2nd Night: 1 Large

3rd Day: 3 Medium

3rd Night: 1 Large 

4th Day: 2  Medium

4th Night: 1 Medium

5th Day: 1 Long Liner - Very light spotting.

WINNIE - Moderate to Heavy Flow, Flow Length: 5 days/ 5 nights

Total # of pads in collection: 30

Period products of choice:  Menstrual cup & 30 hannahpads (only in PL, S & M)

1st Day: 3-4 Medium pads with cup use during the day (only changing the pad as the cup overfills).

1st Night: 2 Mediums with cup inserted overnight. I have a medium on after shower and change into a clean medium pad and insert a bigger sized cup before bedtime.

2nd Day: 3 Mediums with cup use during the day (only changing pad).

2nd Night: 2 Mediums with the cup inserted overnight.  I have a medium on after shower and change into a clean medium pad and insert a bigger sized cup before bedtime.

3rd Day: 3 Smalls with cup inserted (only changing pad throughout the day).

3rd Night: 2 Smalls with the cup inserted overnight. I have a small on after shower and change into a clean small pad before bedtime and insert a smaller sized cup.

4th Day: 3 Smalls, no cup insertion as it’s often lighter at this point. To keep dry & fresh I like to change regularly throughout the day. I always carry 3-4 pads.

4th Night: 2 Smalls, no cup insertion. Just a small after shower and change to a clean small before bedtime.

5th Day: 2-3 Pantyliners, no cup insertion as I’m only spotting at the end. Regular changes throughout the day even though spotting because I like to stay dry and fresh.

5th Night: 2 Pantyliners, no cup insertion. Just a pantyliner after shower and change to a clean pantyliner before bedtime.

*Depending on the cycle I could use anywhere between 16 (moderate/shorter cycle) to 26 pads (heavier/ longer cycle) in a particular month.

Winnie's favourite Small & Medium hannahpads as cup back up.
A closer look at Winnie's 4+ year old hannahpads. There is minimal staining and some piling. All very normal with repeated monthly use and wash.

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Quick Overview 
Note: The number of pads used depends on flow length and flow type.


So there you have it! A little peek into the hannahpad team's period management. We truly want to emphasise that each person and their period experience is so unique and these suggestions are just a rough guide to reflect on when building your own hannahpad collection. The key is to transition slowly and gradually. 

If you haven’t used reusable cloth pads before, please try out a Tester Pad (with free shipping!) before committing to purchasing multiple pads. This way you can trial it during your cycle.

TIP: try your pad out on a lighter flow day and when you know you'll be home most of the day just to build confidence especially when testing out the coverage and absorbency. Check out our recommended wash/care routine and see if hannahpad is the right reusable product for you!

What does your reusable menstrual collection look like? 

May 01, 2020 — Hannahpad Team