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An honest pros and cons guide to menstrual cups

If you’re anything like us, making a big decision or trying something new usually starts with a pros and cons list. Menstrual cups can be a little daunting at first if you’ve been using pads for years. Here’s an honest take on what you can expect when you give our menstrual cups a go.


Save your pocket and our earth

We each use 9,600 pads or tampons in our lifetime and it all ends up in landfill! Imagine the impact on our earth if we instead chose a reusable alternative. hannahCUPs last for years, so you’re not only contributing to a better future for our planet, imagine all the money you’ll be saving!

Zero chemicals in your body

You won’t find any chemicals, bleach or dyes in a hannahCUP, which are sadly way too common in disposable pads and tampons. Unlike tampons, it won’t dry out your vagina or mess with its pH balance (which can lead to vaginal infections).

While some menstrual cups are made of rubber or plastic, the hannahCUP is made with 100% medical grade silicone, which means it’s hypoallergenic, latex-free, BPA free, has been rigorously tested, and has zero toxins.

hannahCUP materials


Never change your lifestyle

If it’s well fitted, you can’t feel a hannahCUP like you would with a tampon and you can leave it in for 8 hours, so you’ll almost forget you’re even on your period! You can swim, sleep, and exercise with the cup in, so you really don’t have to make any changes to your lifestyle while on your period using a menstrual cup.

No leaks

The thoughtfully positioned suction holes on your hannahCUP help create a seal when inserted to prevent leakage, and the capacity indicator shows the amount of blood collected. Here’s to innovative, worry-free period products!

Get more in touch with your body

Using a cup is a whole lot different to using pads – you’re going to get very attuned to your vagina, very quickly. Getting in touch with your body and becoming more aware of how it works can do wonders for your health because you’ll notice if something’s not quite right.

Zero smell

Did you know that the smell associated with period blood is actually a result of menstrual fluid being exposed to air and those nasty chemicals in pads and tampons? Without those toxins, and with the fluid being caught inside the cup instead of being exposed to air, you’ll find that there’s no smell– at all!



Getting used to insertion

Inserting and removing any menstrual cup can take a bit of getting used to. But that’s ok, all you need is a bit of practice! hannahCUP is actually the perfect menstrual cup for beginners because it’s not too soft nor too firm, and there’s plenty of written and visual instructions to help you out. We’ve even added dotted grips at the base of the cup for easy removal.

 Finding the right fit

Menstrual cups can feel a little uncomfortable if the cup isn’t in right or if you need a different size. Check out our size guide for the best fit. Also, be careful using a cup after surgery or giving birth, or if you’ve got an IUD.

hannahCUP sizes

Keeping the cup sterilised

It’s easier than you think. Boil the cup in water before and after each cycle and rinse well with cold water when emptying and reinserting the cup. Take a look at how to sterilise your cup just using a pot of boiling water in our video below. You could also try a sterilising solution used for baby bottles or a UV light steriliser.



Once you get the hang of using a cup and adding it to your routine, you’ll be having leak-free, worry-free periods every month. Ready to give them a go? Meet the hannahCUP


hannahCUP menstrual cups

December 03, 2020 — Hannahpad Team