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Do Periods Really Sync Up? - Period Myths

Will you get attacked by a shark if you swim while on your period? Do people's periods sync up? Can you pass out from period blood loss? These are a few of the popular period myths circulating around today, and we're going to clear all this up. 

Myth 1 - People who spend a lot a time together sync up their cycle.

As much as we wish our bonds with others have magic powers to make periods sync up, there just isn't any evidence to suggest this. Surprisingly living with another menstruating human does not increase the likelihood of periods syncing up but instead cycles tend to diverge over time. 

Myth 2 - Swimming while menstruating in the ocean will attract sharks.

Yes, sharks are attracted to blood...but the amount of period blood you produce is so minuscule and is diluted by the expansive waters that the sharks would have to be right next to you in order to sense it. So yes, swimming in the ocean while on your period is completely safe—a shark won't mistake you for their lunch.  

Myth 3 - Your period stops when you are in the water.

This is a myth, while the pressure of the water may make the blood stay inside your vagina, it doesn't stop the flow completely. 

Myth 4 - You can pass out from period blood loss.

The amount of period blood we see when menstruating looks a lot more than it actually is. Typically we lose around 2-3 tablespoons of blood each period. So unless you have menorrhagia or an underlying illness than you shouldn't expect to faint from the blood loss. If your flow is substantially heavy and you feel dizzy or pass out it is important to contact a medical professional.

Myth 5 - You cannot get pregnant while on your period.

This is a common misconception, and while the chances are low it is still possible to fall pregnant while menstruating, particularly if you have a shorter period. So ensure that you practice safe sex while on your period.

Myth 6 - You shouldn't wash your hair while on your period.

This is an old wives tale that is definitely no true. We all know that on our periods we can feel extra icky and desperately need that shower time, so go ahead and wash your hair while you're menstruating! Even better take a nice warm bath to help relieve menstrual cramps. 

Myth 7 - You shouldn't exercise during your period.

A lot of us can feel sluggish when it's that time of the month. But exercise can ease cramps and PMS symptoms, especially gentle exercise such as walking and yoga.

Myth 8 - Period blood has an odour.

Contrary to popular belief period blood is odourless, it is the chemicals contained in many disposable menstrual products that mix with the bacteria that produces a foul odour. Which is why our organic reusable pads ensures your period remains odour-free and all natural!

November 29, 2018 — hannahpad NZ