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How I Learned To Love My Period
For 7 years I absolutely dreaded my period. From the debilitating pain, hospitalisations and leaking through my disposables and onto my school dress; there’s no shortage of bad memories for me. But over the recent years, I slowly began to see my menstrual cycle in a different light. And I’m proud to say I love my period ❤️Here’s my story….
The period pain I experienced was far from typical cramps, they left me bed ridden even after taking pain killers and numerous times had me passing out. For years I didn’t just dread my period, I was absolutely terrified of what would happen to me each month and I felt like I had no control. 
My journey to accepting my period began when I started working at hannahpad. I learnt so much about the female reproductive system and using all natural products as to not interfere with my hormonal balance and health. I found it fascinating, and I still do to this day. I believe the first step is always knowledge, knowing why our body goes through this transformative process each month is paramount in feeling empowered towards your physical self.
I was reminded that periods are a completely natural bodily function that means we’re healthy and fertile. If you’re at reproductive age and don’t experience periods or they are irregular it’s a sign that something is up! And throughout the month we go through the 4 stages of our cycle, our hormones shift and change, communicating with the rest of our body’s systems. Learn more about the 4 phases here. This taught me to be grateful for my healthy body and its ability to experience periods. A period is a mindful celebration of our natural inner workings doing what they do best.
Menstruating is both a physical and emotional process. Not only is our uterus physically shedding its lining each month but energetically it symbolises a letting go or releasing of what no longer serves us. The new is embraced, so it’s a great time to reflect and ask yourself, what do I need to let go of this cycle? Embracing this mentality can feel empowering and I love that I get to experience this transformation monthly.
Truly loving myself means to love it all – inside and out.
Lastly, my periods act as an indicator of my long term health. As I’ve become more in tune with my period, I’ve realised that those months I live a healthier lifestyle my periods are effortless. While when I’ve neglected my health it’s much harder on my body. An egg takes 3 months to mature before travelling down the fallopian tube so there’s no quick fix for your period, anything that you’ve done in the previous 3 months can affect your next period! This has taught me so much about what my body needs to function optimally. For example, if I don’t exercise, I’ve noticed my periods are more painful and difficult. So your periods can actually give you clues to what works for your body, amazing!
 Through embracing and incorporating all this new found knowledge I’ve slowly watched my period pain fade away, and it is something I haven’t experienced in almost a year now! I truly believe that getting in touch with my period is how I've grown to love it.
This is a team member Katie's own experience from dreading to loving her period. Thanks Katie for sharing this with us all. Your journey will help many people seeking that deeper reconnection beginning with period positivity.
February 20, 2020 — Hannahpad Team