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Introducing hannahpad's Patterns and Sizes

Here at hannahpad we have a wide selection of patterns and sizes to select from to suit your menstrual, light incontinence or postpartum requirements. 

The size of the pads you choose will mostly depend on the heaviness of your flow. We have hannahpads designed for all flows and stages of your cycle—from the lightest to heavy flow days, day and even bedtime use.


Pantyliner, the thinnest in our range and perfect for daily use to stay dry and fresh.

PL- 21cm (L) x 7.5cm (W)

Absorbency: 30-45mL

The pantyliner is great for light spotting, catching vaginal discharge and worn as a cup backup. It has a total of 3 internal cotton layers. The trimmest cloth pantyliner that feels like you're just wearing comfy cotton underwear. No matter the discharge, use this size as a daily liner and because they fold up to tiny square pockets you can easily carry them in your bag wherever you go.  

The difference between a pantyliner and small are the number of internal cotton layers, a pantyliner has 3 while a small has 5.


Small is exactly the same size as the Pantyliner but has a higher absorbency level. 

S- 21cm (L) x 7.5cm (W)

Absorbency: 40-60mL 

The small size is great for light spotting, catching vaginal discharge, as a cup backup for light days of your period. Best used when your period is about to start and tapering off towards the end.

If you're not sure whether the Pantyliner will be absorbent enough then it's always best to give the Small size a try for comparison. Winnie (hannahpad team member) prefers the Small over Pantyliner as her cup backup of choice for the added number of internal sheets that provide extra security and ease of mind. 


Medium is similar to supermarket sizes in Regular and a great beginner size for light to medium flow. 

M- 27cm (L) x 8cm (W)

Absorbency: 55-80mL 

Our medium is similar to the regular supermarket disposables with absorbency that's great for light/regular to medium flow (period day 3 onwards). With 6 internal cotton sheets, it's easy to get on with your day at work, school or home without a worry about leaks. Just remember to change your cloth pad as often as you would need to (recommended to change every 3-4hours). 


Believe it or not, Large/Overnight is great for both day and night time use. 


L/ON- 33cm (L) x 8.3cm (W)

Absorbency: 75-110mL 

Suitable for medium to heavy flow and can be used during the day or night with its non-bulky design, large/overnight is the perfect size for you on those first few days of bleeding. The design is similar to Medium but has added length in the back for extra coverage and protection. 

If you're using it during the day, ensure to make frequent changes so you can stay dry on those heavy days. If using at night, best to use it 3rd period day onwards as the back is a little narrow and may not provide enough coverage when you're lying down in bed. 

*TIP: Both Medium and Large/Overnight can be turned around so the longer back is facing the front for front bleeders who sleep on their stomach. Fantastic! 


If you need a overnight pad that have a wider back for extra bum coverage and protection, you need the Ultra Overnight. 

UON- 36cm (L) x 9cm (W)

Absorbency: 85-130mL

The Ultra Overnight is great for those heavy flow nights and postpartum use to make you feel extra protected. The super comfortable design contours to your body when you're in bed or lounging at home. It's kind of like wearing your favourite pjs, just very comforting and reliable. This size also come with 6 internal cotton sheets. 


You really can find a size in our range that will work for you. Check out this Super Ultra Overnight, a size that some people have been wishing for.


SUON- 42cm(L) x 8.5cm (W)

Absorbency: 120-180mL

This Super Ultra Overnight beats most conventional super range because it really caters to the heaviest of flow and is also suitable for postpartum use after giving brith. The absolute maximum coverage in the back (covers most of the butt crack) means you're fully protected when in bed or chilling at home comfortably. It's best to use underwear made from thicker cotton material in full brief or hipster style to support the size of the pad nicely against the body.  With a total of 7 internal cotton sheets you can finally look forward to sleeping well throughout the night.

*TIP: Before hopping into bed remember to pop on a fresh cloth pad so you can stay dryer for longer when asleep. 

We have a great range of patterns to suit your style, with 16 main patterns and 5 limited edition patterns!

Permanent patterns are available in singles and sets where you can choose your favourite patterns.

Sale patterns are available for purchase individually at 20% off the normal retail price.  Click image to head to Sale section of the site.

Has all this information got you excited to just give one hannahpad a go? Well head to our tester pad page to get started now. One eco step forward to a positive change for your health and on the planet. 

Keep an eye out for new patterns and sizes that we'll be adding to our current hannahpad range in the near future. So much exciting stuff coming! 

October 05, 2018 — hannahpad NZ