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Less Period Dread and More Period Love

Period Self-Care: How to help ease those monthly menstrual symptoms.

For everyone, a little bit of ongoing self-care can help to create a balanced and mindful existence. At The Brand hannah, we believe practising self-care is particularly beneficial during your period.

Every person’s anatomy is unique, each period is different, that’s why finding your own personal self-care routine is so important. Don’t worry about what others are doing, find out what makes you feel good, comforted, relaxed and go for that. We want to get the ideas flowing and share some period TLCs that may help you manage and ease your period symptoms. Here are some relaxing ideas:



Raise your hand if you experience period cramps? Yep, the vast majority of people with period do. For some, period pain can feel like a distracting dull throb and for others it can feel like a monsoon of pain throughout the body. No matter the severity, any amount of pain can be distressing.

- Placing a warm wheat bag or hot water bottle over your abdominal or across your thighs can ease the feelings of discomfort caused by cramps. For a little extra TLC, try a lavender scented wheat bag! 

- Take a nice warm shower or soothing bath. Simple, but mighty effective for relaxing your muscles and warming up the entire body. You can add magnesium salts/epsom salts to your bath, which helps to naturally ease muscle cramps [1]. 



Time out: You time!

We all need a little more time for ourselves to unwind and rejuvenate. When you’re feeling stressed and run down, period symptoms can intensify, so take a little time out to relax your mind and body.

- Tea break. Make yourself a cup of lovely herbal tea and sit in your favourite spot. Read a few pages of a book, scroll on Insta, zone out- whatever makes you feel good!

- Journal. Take a moment to process and write down your thoughts, this can be very therapeutic and grounding. 



When you're curled up in bed with a heat bag, exercise may be the last thing on your mind! However gentle stretching and exercise can help to boost your mood, increase your energy levels, and stretch out tight muscles [2].

- Yoga! Just 10 mins of slow yoga can help to loosen up your muscles and help connect your mind and body.

- Take a short walk, enjoy the fresh air and nature and get the blood moving around your body. 

The right period products

It’s important to feel comfortable and healthy during your period, and that means using the right product for your body.

- Avoid using disposable products that contain ingredients that aren't disclosed on the packaging (plus heaps of crunchy plastic!). For some further info, check out our blog ‘ What’s Really In Disposable pads?’.

- Use natural and reusable care options (your body will thank you). Due to the mucous membranes of your vagina, it is highly porous, so anything in direct contact will be absorbed into the bloodstream and bioaccumulate. Choose well with organic. 

- Using a product like hannahpad, made with untreated certified OSC100 organic cotton, is a perfect way to ensure no nasty chemicals are absorbed through your vagina. Plus, the lovely soft cotton feels super soft & comfortable against your skin. 


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February 08, 2022 — Hannahpad Team