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Switch To Cloth Pads & Save Waste From Landfill & Money In Your Pocket

One person’s impact: Almost 3000 disposable pads saved from landfill by reusing hannahPADs for 7 years. 

How did it start? 

Co-director of The Brand hannah AU, Jenny Lee suffers from a mild form of endometriosis and struggled in her 20s for period protection that offers great coverage, absorbency, and most importantly is skin-friendly and toxin-free. She was introduced to hannahPAD by a friend and the truth is – she was hesitant (many ‘how’ questions) learning about cloth pads.

Despite initial concerns, Jenny was willing to give something new a try and see if it would improve her health and wellbeing, all while reducing her environmental impact in a small way. As it turns out she loves her hannahPADs and has been reusing the same set for 7 years!

Jenny and Marcus were interviewed for a story feature in The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald recently. Click HERE to read more and learn about why cloth pads are necessary for a sustainable future. 

Savings from Jenny’s 7 year hannahPAD use.

Let’s talk about periods and the amazing savings for the planet and for your pocket.

Flow type: Jenny has a moderate to heavy flow, bleeding for 7 days each month. She has always preferred pads over tampons and other period protection products to just  allow her monthly bleed to naturally flow. 

Number of pads for each period: She uses around 5 pads per day which is about 35 pads over a week of bleeding.

Number of disposable pads saved: Multiply that by 7 years (84 months) of menstruating, Jenny has saved 2,940 disposable pads from landfill and waterways.  

Amount of money saved: This is an added bonus to Jenny’s switch to cloth pads. She has saved over $1600 once you’ve subtracted the amount she spent 7 years ago on her hannahPAD collection.

Create your own collection with our range of various sizes and absorbency

Saving the planet from plastic waste one cloth pad at a time. 

The mission was clear from the beginning of The Brand hannah AU– to provide sustainable period, maternity, and light incontinence solutions that are an option, not an alternative. We want to ease the burden of plastic waste on planet Earth so everyone can live healthier and happier.

Since October 2018, The Brand hannah AU has helped tens of thousands of people across Australia make the switch to sustainable cloth pads with hannahPAD. The past 4 years alone, we have saved over 4 MILLION (4,037,263 to be exact) disposable pads from landfill and oceans. This is incredible! Learn about what’s really in disposable pads HERE.

The Brand hannah AU started back in 2015 so realistically we have saved more than 5 million single-use pads from the environment by this point. We’re proud of this and we’re proud of you and every single person considering switching or who have already made the sustainable switch with hannahPAD. 


Reduce your contribution to the already overwhelming waste in landfills with one eco swap to hannahPADs.


Sustainable Period Is Possible 

Many people are still struggling to find a healthier and sustainable period, maternity, or light incontinence option that actually works – this is why The Brand hannah exists. Living sustainably for a greener and healthier future can be an individual journey but collectively we can contribute to a positive impact for generations to come. 

Jenny alone saved 2,940 disposable pads from landfill by reusing hannahPADs over the past 7 years. With more people converting to hannahPADs each day we can save an even larger percentage of the 500 million single use period products that go to landfill each year. Reusables are truly the future of period, vaginal discharge, and pee protection. 

Switch to conscious period care today for a sustainable tomorrow by starting HERE – Grab a tester pad in a size of your choice and the shipping is on us!
March 18, 2022 — Hannahpad Team