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The recent news regarding toxins inside period underwear is disheartening. From the beginning, we’ve been shocked to realise that it’s normal for menstrual products to contain nasty chemicals that comes in contact with the skin.


Legally in Australia, manufacturing companies of period products such as tampons and pads are not required to list all the ingredients contained in their products. This makes it difficult to choose products when companies aren’t transparent. Which is why we created hannahpad, a non-toxic period product you don’t have to compromise your health for. 

  certified organic cloth pad | hannahpad NZ

Here are a few harmful ingredients commonly found in pads and tampons that we're sure to avoid: 

    • PFAS or polyfluoroalkyl substances which are associated with cancer, thyroid hormone disruption and effects on the immune system. Exposure to PFAS at the lowest concentrations has been shown to harm human health. [1]
    • Styrene, chloroethane and chloroform. The World Health Organisation classifies styrene as a carcinogen [2]
    • BPA and BPS disrupt embryonic development and are linked to heart disease and cancer [3]
    • Chlorine is commonly used to bleach the pads and give them the consistent white finish. This produces dioxins as a byproduct. [3] The use of pads means that dioxins can be absorbed through the vagina and straight into the bloodstream.

Read more about what’s really in disposables in our blog post here.


Our mission has always been to provide a healthier alternative and to educate everyone about the importance of natural, toxin-free period care options. Our reusable pads are made from OCS100 certified organic cotton for the top sheet down to the core layers, so nothing but soft, pure cotton is touching your body. 

Non-organic cotton is the dirtiest crop in the world as it uses massive amounts of pesticides and herbicides during the growing process. When selecting products made with natural materials ensure that it is organic and preferably certified. Organic certifications include OCS (organic content standard) and GOTS (global organic textile standard) , read more about OCS100 certification in our blog post here. But keep in mind, a product can be certified organic but still be filled with nasty chemicals added during the manufacturing process!

Hence why the certified organic cotton we use undergoes minimal processing to retain the natural properties of the cotton. This is the reason why our pads are beige and un-dyed, with visible cotton seeds in the fabric. Dyes can be harmful to your health or act as an irritant on the skin, so be wary of period products which are pure white (bleached) or have been coloured (side that touches the skin).

Lastly, look out for ambiguous words that companies use to describe their products without fully disclosing the materials. We keep it simple, no confusing terms such as “odour control”, “moisture wicking”, or “quick absorbing technology” that masks what’s really inside. We do not use nasty chemicals to do the work, we harness the pure nature of organic cotton to do the job. 

Being transparent about our products is as important to us as it is to consumers. We all have the right to know exactly what makes up our products, especially when it’s in touch with one of the most absorbent and intimate areas of the body. Don’t be afraid to question the make-up of any products that enter your life. Demand for transparency.


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January 22, 2020 — Hannahpad Team