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Tips for living a greener lifestyle, plastic free!

Tips for living a greener lifestyle - Plastic free!

Change can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to changing up lifestyle habits! Fortunately, there are so many simple ways you can begin your journey towards a greener, more sustainable, plastic-free lifestyle. The key is, take it slow. Start with one small change, such as using a reusable keep cup and gradually implement more reusable or plastic free practises in your daily life.

Plastic Free July is the perfect time to initiate those changes and collectively help reduce the excessive global consumption of plastic that threatens our natural world. Last year, 2019, 250 million people across the globe took part in the plastic free July challenge [1]. For more info on how to officially sign up for this wonderful challenge visit: https://www.plasticfreejuly.org/

Click here for more information and take the Plastic Free July challenge. 

Our small team at The Brand hannah NZ is very passionate about living sustainably and reducing the amount of plastic we use in our daily lives. From using reusable cloth pads and menstrual cups to always having a drink bottle or tote shopping bag close by. We hope the mindful ideas below can help with your personal journey to living greener! 🌱



Purchase less products (or aim to cut out products) that contain plastic or have plastic wrapping (this is tough as plastic is seemingly everywhere we look). By simply choosing unwrapped fruit and veg or buying from a bulk food store using your own produce bags, you can help to significantly reduce plastic waste.

  • If you do need to buy a product with plastic packaging, try to buy a bulk version of the product (1kg instead of 250 grams). 
  • Look out for kids toys made from wood or other natural materials.
  • Ask your local favourite takeaway place if you can bring in your own reusable food containers.
  • Refuse single use plastic bags, cups, straws etc. 


There are so many wonderful reusable options out there! Slowly switching out one single use plastic item for a reusable alternative is the best way to end up with a home full of beautiful sustainable products. 

  • Ditch single use cling wrap and try reusable alternatives, such as beeswax sheets, reusable silicone food wraps or use reusable containers to store leftover food.
  • Always carry a drink bottle, refill and reuse!
  • Switch to reusable period care products such as hannahpad or hannahcup and save hundreds of single use disposables from ending up in landfill.

hannahpads last up to 2-3 years or longer with personal use and care. All organic cotton sheets (top & internal layers) are biodegradable and compostable. Plastic buttons (#7 OTHER) are recyclable or reusable. Outer patterned layer with TPU coating & stitching should be discarded with regular household garbage.



At hannahpad we try to eliminate as much plastic as possible but some plastics are unfortunately unavoidable. Like us, you can take your soft plastics to a local drop off point that has a Soft Plastic Recycling bin, this way they can be recycled rather than ending up in landfills.

Brush up on your recycling knowledge! Feel free to check out this site for a comprehensive breakdown of all your soft plastic recycling questions: https://www.recycling.kiwi.nz/.




We live in busy times, where it’s too easy to become disconnected from the natural environment. It’s important to slow things down and reconnect with nature whenever possible. 

Taking some time out to immerse yourself in nature is a wonderful way to reconnect with the natural environment and re-establish a clear sense of responsibility to protect our natural world. 

  • Organise a hike with friends and family.
  • Go for a stroll along your nearest walking trail, beach, or river.
  • Plant some new plants in the garden or set up a veggie patch.

Do you have your eco tote handy at all times?


Remember, take it slow, create small changes here and there and before you know it, you’ll have a daily routine full of plastic free sustainable options!

Plastic Free July is a great time to get on board with cutting out plastics however, aiming to uphold those new habits is the ultimate goal. Good luck, let’s create change together!

[1] https://www.plasticsoupfoundation.org/en/plastic-problem/health/research-human-body/