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Tips: On-the-go with hannahpad

I first purchased my hannahpads back in early 2016 when I was living and working in South Korea. I was so excited to receive them along with all the extras including a linen pouch and washing essentials. Once I got over the elation of opening my package, it suddenly dawned on me; how was I supposed to carry these around throughout the day?

After asking a Korean friend on the basics of cloth pad care (she sat down and translated the instructions to me), she said good luck and I was left to figure the rest out on my own. Here’s what I learned along the way.


 I carry my hannahpads with me when I'm bleeding but also when I'm not... just in case.


How to carry your hannahpad?

I’ll admit it. I started wearing cloth pads only on my light flow days to catch cervical fluid, vaginal discharge and spotting, which just required pantyliners and smalls. I knew that I could've used the hannahpad pouch included in my package but I didn’t. I often carried around a handbag and found a smaller generic waterproof pouch where I could fit up to 4 pads. As the liners and smalls were slim and tiny in size they were light and easy to carry around. Whenever I needed a change, I just took my pouch out from my handbag and carried it to the ladies’ room.


A hannahpad pouch can hold up to 6 Medium cloth pads more in smaller sizes.

The important thing is that you use any wet bag or washable pouch like ours that has a waterproof/water-resistant lining on the inside. Although you’ll be folding the used pad before placing it in the pouch to take home, it’s always good to know that you can wash or wipe down the wet bag or pouch every now and then. 


 Is it necessary to wash the pad immediately after a change? 

The answer is no. I never thought they needed to be washed out immediately after a change. Frankly, I was far too busy to even consider doing so when I decided to carry my hannahpads to work and out and about with me. But it’s a question that many ask about and I can see why it's a concern for people.

Fold the used pad and pop into the pouch. Grab a clean pad and snap it on.

The idea of an immediate wash out stems from the fear of developing stains on the pads. You'll be happy to know that my almost 4 year old pads all have minimal staining which is normal from repeated monthly use. You’re already having to deal with all the symptoms of menstruating, we wouldn’t want to create any more frustration with extra work while you’re out and about. Simply fold the used pad and pop it inside a separate pouch or wet bag until you can deal with the rinse, soak and wash at home.

People have found it remarkably easy to wash and remove stains so long as you follow hannahpad's washing instructions. Having them in your bag for several hours until you get home won’t make a difference because the stain removing step of your washing routine should be able to lift any stubborn stains (soak for minimum 6hrs to overnight or use the Tuff Stuff stain remover soap.)


Does it smell carrying used cloth pads?


hannahpad made from certified organic cotton (OCS100). 

Living in Korea for several years, the main product to manage my periods were only disposable pads (tampons were only introduced into the Asian market in the past 5 years). You would know if you've used disposable pads the kind of smell that comes from a couple of hours of wear. Honestly, it's not nice. 

As it turns out, it's the chemicals and fragrances in conventional disposables that reacts to the menstrual blood and sweat creating the nasty odour—a sign of bacterial growth. Shocking isn't it? 

The first thing people notice when they’ve switched to hannahpad is how there’s surprisingly little to no odour. That’s right, people have shared their experience with us and are so pleased not only with the quality of the pads but all the extra goodness you don't get with conventional disposables. hannahpad’s certified organic cotton layers and top sheet are all unbleached, non-dyed, fragrance- free and chemical-free. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about any funny odour when carrying your used cloth pads around through a school day, work day or running errands. As they are folded up and placed inside a wet bag or a washable pouch, they won’t be in direct contact with the other contents of your handbag. Honestly, if you can’t smell them, neither will anyone else.


Organic cotton is naturally beige and not white.


Can using hannahpads be discrete?

I never carried disposable pads together in a pouch before, so it was never discrete having to pull one out and shove it in my pocket or tuck it under my armpit before racing to the bathroom.

Getting cloth pads that didn't just sit in the many compartments of my handbag honestly helped me with my bag organisation. It used to be such a black hole in there. Can your relate?

Having a separate pouch kept my pads all in one place and I just plucked the pouch out of my bag whenever I needed it. If ever I came across someone at work between my desk and the toilet, they probably simply thought I had a makeup bag in hand. I don't really care what people think because it's true, I am a menstruating human.

So yes, carrying around your hannahpads can be discrete. No one will know, nor will they care and neither should you. 


Cloth pads are handy, beautiful & discrete to carry and use.

February 28, 2019 — hannahpad NZ