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Tips & Tricks: How to Successfully Use Cloth Pads

Let’s be real. There is no one perfect product in the world that can cater to everyone’s needs.


The same thing goes for clothpads. But here at hannahpad we like to encourage people to get in touch with their body on a clothpad journey towards being healthier and eco-friendlier.


This journey takes a bit of getting use to but with a regular monthly regime you’ll soon be in control of your flow.


Here’s how to succeed using hannahpads:    




Underwear. Some people love them and have pairs for different occasions and some just don’t care about wearing them. You do you.


But here’s the thing, when my period looms, I know I’ll only be reaching for knickers I have already deemed for period use ONLY.

All smiles for greening our periods


hannahpad should sit nicely and firmly on any cotton underwear you already have in your drawer. The fact is hannahpad works best on thick cotton underwear with a tight waist band in styles such as:

  • Full brief

  • Sports

  • Boy leg

  • Hipster

These styles ensure that the cloth pad sits close against your skin when worn.


Don’t ruin your nice knickers that are lacy, delicate and thin. Movement is highly likely with satin or silk undies so save them for special occasions and focus on staying comfortable during the T.O.M.



Another tip: before you pull your underwear up, position your pad the way you want (further in front or further in the back) that’s comfortable for you. Tug and pull the pad till it’s in the preferred position.




Here are some possible factors that may cause leaking to occur when using hannahpad:


  • The type of underwear worn is not cotton in material or in the right style (refer to suggestions above).


  • We all have our own bleeding pattern (front, center or back bleeders) dependent on the activities we’re doing throughout the day. Therefore, the positioning of the clothpad is important. i.e. I prefer to sleep on my stomach and often bleed towards the front of my pad. As a front bleeder, I position my clothpads more towards the front come bed time (refer to positioning tip above). 


  • Discharge that is thick and clotty could be a sign of increased estrogen levels. And because hannahpad is made of certified organic cotton it may not absorb thick discharge quick enough compared to disposable pads with quick absorbing and drying agents. If you experience clotty periods, remember tochange your clothpad more often to avoid leaking.


  • Often, we over and underestimate the amount of bleeding that leaves our body- remember everyone is different. Finding the appropriate size and absorbency level that works with your full cycle is key to prevent leaking.


Keep the above in mind and improve the situation with the suggestions throughout this post. Do not give up on the clothpad life!


hannahpads work best on thick cotton underwear 





hannahpad believes in setting women up for success on their clothpad journey. We understand that washing cloth pads may seem a hassle but we promise it really isn’t that bad once you get into your own routine.


You may browse our Cleaning Items page to find all recommended natural laundry products that have been tested personally by us, the ladies at the hannahpad office. You’ll find products for both cleaning and stain removing. With time, you’ll notice that green cleaning products are not only gentle but very effective with natural active ingredients minus all the nasties and fillers that can be harmful on the body and the Earth.


No lies, there is a learning curve switching to clothpads that we all initially go through. But once you’ve mastered the tricks, the benefits far outweigh any doubts you had in the beginning of your journey.


Moral of this post: Be teachable and always keep learning.


Go hannahpad go!  

January 22, 2019 — hannahpad NZ