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Light Incontinence Starter Pack

$213.40 $203.00

Light trickles and bladder leakage? This multi-sized reusable pad pack has you covered day and night. Store your clean and used pads in the handy wet bag so you can always be ready for a quick change.

  • Pack includes: 2x Small, 2x Medium, 1x Large, 1x Ultra, 1x Super Ultra & 1x Wet Bag
    • Small Pad: Length: 21cm / Absorbency: 25mL
    • Medium Pad: Length: 27cm / Absorbency: 35mL
    • Large Pad: Length: 33cm / Absorbency: 45mL
    • Ultra Pad: Length: 36cm / Absorbency: 55mL
    • Super Ultra: Length: 42cm / Absorbency: 70mL (longer than A4 size)
  • Certified organic cotton absorbent layers
  • Medical grade TPU waterproof coating
  • Unbleached and undyed – zero toxins on your skin!
  • Slim design with snap buttons to hold in place
  • Silicone dots with flower motif add extra grip on Small & Medium pads
  • NOTE: You may need more pads in certain sizes for changes in your collection