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Super Heavy Flow Value Pack

$397.73 $375.00

Experiencing a very heavy flow day and night? Do you prefer a longer and wider back covering on your pads? This is the pack for your super heavy flow. With 5–6 absorbent layers, you can get on with your day and sleep comfortably feeling protected.

  • Pack includes: 2x Large, 4x Ultra, 5x Super Ultra
    • Large Pad: Length: 33cm / Absorbency: 45mL
    • Ultra Pad: Length: 36cm / Absorbency: 55mL
    • Super Ultra: Length: 42cm / Absorbency: 70mL (longer than A4 size)
  • Certified organic cotton absorbent layers
  • Medical grade TPU waterproof coating
  • Unbleached and non-dyed – zero toxins on your skin!
  • Slim design with snap buttons to hold in place
  • NOTE: You may need more pads in certain sizes to complete your collection